Con Air

Con Air (Part 1 of 10) by caemia

It was an honor to be working with Jerry Bruckheimer again.  The cast was also a true pleasure to work with.  I was always a fan of Nic Cage.  John Malkovich is a grand titan of the acting world, John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, Dave Chapelle and there I was, headlining with them.

If I’d died the next day, my life would’ve been complete.

Con Air is an 1997 American actionthriller film directed by Simon West and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of The Rock. It stars Nicolas CageJohn CusackColm Meaney and John Malkovich. The film borrows its title from the nickname of the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System. While scanning a newspaper article, Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg first learned of the special program, then visited its Oklahoma City base “to get an eyewitness perspective of the incredible operation, which quickly formed the genesis for Con Air.” [1]


Directed by Simon West
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer
Written by Scott Rosenberg
Starring Nicolas Cage
John Cusack
John Malkovich
Steve Buscemi
Ving Rhames
Colm Meaney
Mykelti Williamson
Rachel Ticotin
Monica Potter
Nick Chinlund
Music by Mark Mancina
Trevor Rabin
Cinematography David Tattersall
Editing by Chris Lebenzon
Steve Mirkovich
Glen Scantlebury
Studio Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Distributed by Touchstone Pictures
Release date(s)
  • June 6, 1997

[N 1]

Running time 115 minutes (original)
122 minutes (extended)
Country United States
Language English