‘My Little Dog’ ‘My Little Dog’

My little dog

Is stronger than the night

Or day

My little dog can make sounds & jump

My little dog is full of life

More vibrant than a river

When I raise my voice

My dog listens

My little dog wags it’s tail like a hummingbird

And advises me of everything that happens

My dog is like my child

A best friend

Always happy to see me

An admirer of all people and a product of how it’s raised

What a precious gift from the creator

You are as humanitarian

As the sun

РRenoly Santiago 

‘Mi Perrito’

Mi perrito es mas fuerte que la noche

O el dia

Mi perrito puede hacer sonidos

Y brincar

Mi perrito

Es lleno de vida

Es mas vibrante que el rio

Y cuando grito

Me hace caso

Mi perrito menea su colita como un colibri

Y me avisa de todo lo que pasa

Mi perrito es como un hijo

Un mejor amigo

Siempre tan contento de ver me

Admirador de toda la gente y producto de como se cria

Que regalo precioso de el creador

Eres un gran humanitario

Como el mismo sol

“I Lost Ma Phone”

I lost ma phone

I lost ma keys

And ma debit card too

See I wasn’t meant to be

Carrying all these things on me

I was born to be free

I’m too wild and creative

Too appreciative

Of the present

To have to constantly monitor ma phone

Gotta make ma next appointment

Jumpin out the cab, jumpin out the train, elevator

Thinkin’ ‘Did I leave ma phone?’


You better learn to follow me

-Renoly Santiago

‘Make Your Life Count’

Make your life count

Climb the mount

Stare life in the eye

Give what you want

A chance

Pursue your dreams

Integrate care for others

Let your goal be

To touch and inspire

Make your life count

As time continues to surmount

Through the wall of rock, ice, darkness, burning fire and rain

Soar in the clouds towards the sun

Unlock the spark inside

What do you love?

Create, follow your call

If you fall, we are all just tiny grains of dust in the universe

This is for you to savour most

Don’t be afraid to give it

To touch other’s spirit

Every beautiful gesture

Is a flower of power

A kiss

To life

That defines our present

A torch

To light the way

Make your life count in the simplest way…

Through love

– Renoly Santiago

‘Life is Fleeting’

Life is fleeting

Can you hear my heart beating?

At the thought of goodbye

Every moment is but a grain of sand

As it passes through the hour glass

Have I said I love you?

Will you remember the gesture

Let it echo through time?

Cause life is fleeting

Can you feel my heartbeat?

As time fleets

Can you taste?

Taste my food

Taste the words that come from my mouth?

How there’s the sound

Where did it go?

A piece of me let go

Life is fleeting

But nothing is lost

Every gesture is a drop

That echoes through eternity

Life is moving and growing

Every second going

Just be sure to taste

To avoid decisions of regret

But if you’re here this very second

There is a chance to live and breathe

Throughout the fantastic ride


Life is fleeting

-Renoly Santiago

The Twelve Months

January you are my start, my hope and reminder of my dreams, cold and new

February, the berry of the heart, thoughts of love and where it is in my life

March, my birth, spring and the realization of new beginnings

April showers to wash away doubts, pay debts and receive

May, there be light, springing flowers blooming

June fun arrives with light and things develop

July the year is in the heat, right at the center of it all

August is hot, doing and completing things plus more to come

September is another start, time to elevate, another change is here

October the year is breathing leaves turn color lots has happened,
excitement and mystery is in the air

November we remember and give thanks for the year

December is the crisp time of seeing and giving warmth, the birth,
music plays all over the world

And then we go again

-Renoly Santiago