“With his high spirits, physical and vocal agility and infectious personality, it’s clear that Renoly Santiago knows how to work a room.”

Alvin Klein, New York Times


And the other kids in the movie are interesting, too, especially a young Latin genius named Phreak, played by Renoly Santiago.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times


“…Santiago stir[s] strong sympathy and show[s] a good deal of promise.”

Todd McCarthy, Variety


“…throughout the show, there’s a chorus of parrots headed by graceful Renoly Santiago, as well as an ensemble of other characters that include animated furniture and appliances…”

Amanda Cooper, CurtainUp


“[La Voz Hispana] reconoce, honra y felicita a Renoly Santiago quien por su gran talento y honestitad merece que su nombre se una de esas grandes estrellas alrededor del mundo: Jose Ferrer, Raul Julia, Rita Moreno y Jimmy Smits, por nombrar algunos.  Nuestros respetos, admiracion y aplausos, Renoly…”

Arnaldo Rodriguez, La Voz Hispana


“Renoly Santiago…is particularly effective”.

The Record